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People who have had their homes broken into will tell you that the experience left them feeling violated. That’s because your home is not just another place, it’s the place where you and your family should feel safe and secure at all times. You’ve worked very hard to obtain that home, protecting it is our job.

We at Statewide Security of Florida, Inc. understand this and realize that when you turn to us to help you protect your residence from burglary, vandalism or fire, you have placed the security of your home in our hands. It’s a matter of trust.

Acknowledging our responsibility, we take great care in the hiring of our personnel, the installation and the central station monitoring of your custom security system.

Why you should choose Statewide:

Our PersonnelAll of our installation technicians receive rigorous screening with interviews and background checks handled exclusively by the President of the company. All technicians must have at least three years experience in alarm installation. Once hired, they receive ongoing training in the latest security technology and methods of installation. Our technicians are on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Builder ProgramWe work closely with your architect and builder to design your burglar alarm system, fire alarm system, closed circuit camera system, central vacuum system, pool alarm system, intercom and stereo sound systems, home theater and structured wiring systems.

All work is permitted by the local agency in charge and inspected by county or city electrical inspectors.

In Home SurveyAt your request, A Statewide Security of Florida, Inc. representative will visit your home for a free security evaluation. Based on our visit, you will receive a detailed proposal and written estimate based on highly competitive rates. There are no hidden costs or “after job” revisions; we stand by our proposal.

ServiceStatewide Security of Florida, Inc. services its own systems as well as those installed by others. Service is usually completed within twenty-four hours of your request.

Modern Installation TechniquesAs part of our concern for our customers, we take the trauma out of installation. All work is fully guaranteed and accomplished with a minimum of disruption using the latest installation techniques.

Custom Designed SystemsStatewide Security of Florida, Inc. does not use pre-packaged systems. Each system is custom designed to meet the homeowners’ specific requirements; only the finest state of the art equipment is used

Central Station MonitoringDepending on a neighbor or passerby to alert the authorities to an emergency situation at your home is not a sound decision. Most residential burglaries occur during the day when you are at work, school, outside enjoying a walk or run or just running an errand. Without monitoring and no one around when your alarm activates, critical time is lost and possibly your most valued possessions.

In addition to detecting a breach in your alarm system we also monitor smoke detectors, heat detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, LP and natural gas detectors, high and low temperatures, humidity and water sensors.

Most insurance companies offer a substantial discount, up to twenty percent, on you homeowners insurance policy if you have a monitored alarm system. In many cases, that savings will not only pay for the monitoring but give you the peace of mind knowing that your home is protected 24/7.


When you decide to protect your home, call us at the numbers listed below and ask to speak to one of our residential security specialists. We firmly believe that once you’ve heard what we have to say you’ll decide to place the security of your home in our hands.

To arrange for a free in-home evaluation, call us at:

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